"The choruses soar right to the heavens. The lyrics are direct and crystal clear. The guitars pop, snap, and crackle with infectious aplomb… American Boyfriend have a marvelously down-to-earth sensibility." -- Jersey Beat

"Michael is a singing motherfucker!" -- Night Bob, Head Sound Engineer on tours for Cheap Trick and Aerosmith

American Boyfriend aren't waiting around for a resurgence in rock'n'roll, they're working to make it happen. Combining R&B; influenced rock'n'roll, the simplicity of early experimental rock, and a fresh and searing pop sensibility, American Boyfriend are developing a sound that can appeal equally to listeners craving ear candy and substance. This New York-based band consists of Michael Faherty (vocals, guitar), Aaron Conte (drums), and Anthony Ruscitto (bass). Michael Faherty spent his early teens singing for soul R&B; cover bands. Joining his first rock band at age 18, the New Jersey based Loose, he soon became the band's main songwriter. Loose went on to release several independent records, and were a supporting act nationally for the Buzzcocks, the Goo Goo Dolls, Ween, and the Lemonheads. Aaron Conte played for the popular New York band Shake Appeal, who released recordings on Go Kart and Deep Elm records, as well as the band Nada Surf, who recorded for Elektra and released an album on #6 records. Anthony Ruscitto is a high-school friend of Faherty's recruited to round out the lineup.
After forming in late 1998, Faherty, a resident of Manhattan's St. Mark's Place, found an ideal venue for the band's early shows right up the street at (the now historic) Coney Island High. Drawing packed crowds there and at subsequent shows at Brownies, the Continental, CBGB's, and Arlene Grocery, American Boyfriend's live act features strong vocals, a powerful rhythm section, and a true musical camaraderie between the members. Lyrically, American Boyfriend's songs take a refreshing and direct conversational approach to love, sex, isolation, and New York. Defying rock and roll convention by leading their CD off with a soft song, "Soft Sell" is an inner dialogue that could be to a girl at a bar or an audience, the singer wondering if he needs to "pound on the chest" to get their full attention. After "Soft Sell" is the exuberant "Late Bloomer", a call out to the kid "curled up in your room, minor chords lyrics 'bout suicide…let me get you high". The CD closes with "Driftin'" an arch but admiring portrait of a roaming NYC drummer who hops into upwardly mobile bands and remains until they fizzle.
American Boyfriend's growing following proves that the sound of the city does not need to be influenced by hip-hop. Possessing a true understanding of rock'n'roll roots, and a desperate desire to inject something new and real into today's swirling musical culture, American Boyfriend is dying for you to listen.

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